we don’t just renovate spaces,|we transform them...

Hotington Construction (Philippines) Inc. is an Interior Fit-Out and a Customized Furniture provider. A total integrated solutions to the execution of works that are flexible, practical and adaptable to the requirement of each clientele.

Hotington Construction (Philippines) Inc. is supported by Hotington Beijing, China in all aspects.

For more information of Hotington Beijing please visit: www.hotington.com.


Key Features

Hotington Construction (Philippines) Inc. is led by a well-experienced management team; backed by 25 years of Interior Design & Fit-out projects within China and Internationally. The team can handle the full scopes of every project, from project implementations, contracts, design, build-up, to a full list of other operations related to interior fit out works.



To continuously enhance and embrace new technology of every products delivered;  To constantly improve in the project management skills and valuation on materials cost.


To have a serious, hardworking and confidence to work everywhere we go;  To maintain positive team spirit and be passionate of what we can do.


To deliver the precise world-class service-oriented solutions on each project regardless of the value to all our clients;  To continuously develop long-term relationship with our clients by ensuring our commitments, services, finishes of works and reliabilities.